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About NXT Nutrition

NXT Nutrition is known for innovation. NXT Nutrition formulated and produced the world's first Beef Isolate drink, the world's first pre-workout ready-to-drink and are also the creators of the world's strongest energy shot.

With offices based in both the UK & Ireland, NXT Nutrition is quickly becoming the brand in the demand all across Europe for any business selling protein and energy convenience items - both drinks and bars. This ranges from independent convenience stores to large national chains, and from independent gyms & leisure centres to leading e-commerce retailers.

Research and development
NXT Nutrition work directly on developing new and novel formulations that give results. We do this in conjunction with leading universities, professional sports teams, and ingredient manufacturers. Due to these relationships, NXT Nutrition can offer truly innovative products that work.

After NXT Nutrition products are formulated by our sports nutritionists they arrive with our panel of food technology experts. The objective of our panel is to make NXT Nutrition products taste as good as possible without sacrificing the nutritional integrity of the products. We are confident that our products are the best tasting available in each product category.