Brian Ward
Instagram: BWARDY1986


  • HOMETOWN : Ireland
  • HEIGHT : 5' 10"
  • WEIGHT : 14st 10lbs

Weight: 16st 4lbs

Contest Weight: 14st 10lbs

Off-Season Weight: 16st 6lbs

Occupation: Engineer

Residence: Ireland

Favourite Athlete and Inspiration: Favourite athlete when i began to train was big Ronnie Coleman.. Loved how crazy he was throwing about huge weights while having a laugh along the way.

Nutrition Principles: I believe when it comes to nutrition keep it simple.. so many people complicate it nowadays to make it sound difficult.. stick to the basics and do them well and you wont be far away.

Training Principles: Training needs to be high intensity 'balls to the wall' approach.. i dont believe on leaving the gym unless my body's beat up. Otherwise it feels like a wasted session. Hard, heavy with good form is key.

Current Goals (business/training/personal): My biggest goal to date is to take the NABBA NI overall title along with the PCA Irish overall. These are two major shows here in Ireland especially with the quality of athletes we have so to get the overall is a huge achievement.

My Motivation: Simply to be the best version of myself that is physically possible.. how far can i push it.. keeps me focused.

Favourite NxT Nutrition Product and Why:My favourite supplement from the NXT range is the Cola Beef Isolate. For taste this wins hands down.. I use the Beef Iso post workout as its so easy to digest with no bloat. Another big benefit of the beef is the fact it has zero sugars, I used this on prep which seen me hit circa 4% body fat and kept my recovery high during my prep. Give it a try :)

Favourite Body Part: Legs, currently working hard in this area to make them a strong bodypart.

Favourite Prep Meal: Oats with NXT Chocolate whey

Favourite Cheat Meal: Chicken Curry with some Ben n Jerrys ice cream for desert

Awards/Trophies: WABBA first timer 1st place, PCA Novice 1st place, Nabba Mr Class2 1st place, Nabba Mr Class 2 2nd place, PCA Mr class2 3rd place.

Career Highlights: Winning both the Novice class and Mr Class 2 within 6 days.. Narrowly missing out on 2 overall titles.

How did you get into fitness and competing? I started to train to just keep fit after a few injurys playin football. The more i developed i realised i started to get into decent shape.. this made me think maybe i could compete.. After my first show that i won inwas hooked!!

How do you balance your social life and fitness life? During offseason its pretty easy to balance fitness life with social life.. food choices etc can all be flexible within reason however in the middle of prep things will become more limited. During offseason i stay pretty lean which means come prep i dont have to cut calories as much allowing me to have weekly refeeds and cheat meals which can be nice to go out to a restaurant and have a different meal with familly etc

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