Loughlin 'Lock' Gannon


  • HOMETOWN : Rep Of Ireland
  • HEIGHT : 185cm
  • WEIGHT : 131kg

DOB: 21/12/82

Height: 185cm

Weight: 131kg

Contest Weight: 115-116kg

Occupation: PT

Residence: Rep Of Ireland

About Me:

Ive been training over 15 years now and competed most of those years in the process. First show was in 2002 where I placed dead last without getting a callout. It took me over 10 years to win a national senior title and still in the process of securing an international one. Strongest asset has always been my patience (for bodybuilding at least) and remembering that time is the single biggest “secret” in succeeding. But then that goes for every aspect of life. Very much a believer in live and let live…..unless that living involves pandering for respect or attention that is wholly undeserved.

Know your role and your time will come. If you truly love what you’re doing, there’s no rush. Theres a reason the most respected guys in this game don’t crowbar social media with generic nonsense. Offer something of value and worth and in time, youll get whats due.

Favourite Athlete/Inspiration: My inspiration comes from certain people around me, both clients and non who manage to deal with a much harder day to day life than I have and still progress. That to me serves to give me a boot in the ass when I start to fade or feel tired. Things could always be so much harder and so remembering that makes me thankful to be in the position im in.

Nutrition Principles: Whatever fits the bill at any given time for both myself, and clients. Everything from keto to IF to anything in between.

Training Principle: As with nutrition but even more so here. Never ever crowbar a particular system indefinitely because they all have pros and cons.

Current Goals: Win NABBA Worlds or Uni in 2018. Evolve PT business.

Motivation: Ive come this far and im closer than ever to actually achieving a life time dream. Its easier to keep going at this stage

Favourite Product: Pure Whey. Its simplicity, versatility and its effectiveness.

Favourite BodyPart: Quads

Favourite Prep Meal: Venison, Mixed Salad (Sauerkraut, Tomato, Red Onion, Rocket), Olive Oil, Hot Sauce/Mustard

Cheat Meal: Pizza (Of Course)

Career Highlights: 180kg x 42reps on back squat. Still seeking a true bodybuilding highlight

Specialities: Off Season, BodyPart Specialisation/Improvement, Programme Design

Favourite Quote: “The whole thing is quite hopeless, so its no good worrying about tomorrow…it probably wont come.”

How did I start?: Truly out of nowhere. I took a notion to go into the gym one day and did an exceptionally dumb workout. And here I am 15 years on, still going.

How do I balance social life?: I don’t really. I like a lot of time to myself and only trust a select handful of people truly so its not really an issue. The plus side is if I ever get unbalanced and psychosocial beyond a certain level, I automatically qualify to become a life coach. So silver linings and all that…

Who do I look up to? Eamonn Manning (NXT Director) One of the very first people to educate me on bodybuilding/nutrition and still does to this day. Eoin Lacey (Founder Irish Strength Institute) ultra confident and successful human being with a soft and ferociously hard side in equal measure. Nick Bailey (Founder Xtreme Rhythm) one of my closest friends and one of the hardest workers ive ever known. Mark Moran morbidly obese but still manages to go about day to day life and be happy

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