Kellyanne Byrne


  • HOMETOWN : Carlow, Ireland
  • HEIGHT : 5' 6"
  • WEIGHT : 62kg

Off-Season Weight: 67kg

Occupation: Supervisor

Residence: Ireland

Favourite Athlete and Inspiration: Difficult to choose.! Of course I look up to the greats like Arnold, Dorian Yates, Tom Platz & Nicole Wilkins, the first 4-time winner of the IFBB Figure Olympia Competition and 3-time winner of the IFBB Figure International. However it's the people I see everyday on social media and in the gym working consistently to better themselves and helping others reach their goals while they continue to build themselves and take their careers to new levels like Oana Marinescu, Emma Hyndman, Declan Cleare, Shane Cullen & Claire McGrath.. But I'm inspired everyday by the less well known names of everyone I meet in the gym that takes the time to focus on improving their lives through fitness in any way and chasing their dreams.

Nutrition Principles: My coach introduced me to 'flexible' diet and it is the best diet that has worked for me. It's based on a balance of 90 % healthy, nutritious food & 10% 'cheat' foods.. It allows me to ensure I hit my macro & micro nutrients while still enjoying a treat if I want it. This diet works fantastic for me as it prevents me from craving chocolate or ice cream and stops me from sitting and binging on them.

Training Principles: I don't have a strict training program, I enjoy trying everything and keeping workouts interesting with supersets, rest pauses & dropsets.. I like to leave the gym feeling like I've given the workout everything I can and work each set so that the final rep is failure while still holding good form, this goes for both high & low rep days. I have struggled in the past to rest and recover but I finally changed my mindset and accepted its almost more important, so I de-load every 6-8 weeks for 6 training days. .

Current Goals: My biggest training goal is continue to grow and build both physically & mentally.. I will be competing again next year and I will be battling my biggest rival... Myself.. I'll be winning.! Personally, I will be a PT helping others to discover the incredible sports of powerlifting & bodybuilding and passing on everything I have learned and what I learn while I try my hand at powerlifting in my off-season, while I continue to study and experiment in different areas of fitness and nutrition.

My Motivation: My son. The reason I do anything and the reason I changed my lifestyle, to be a great role model for him and show him that anything is possible if you put your mind to it and encourage him to continue to make fitness a vital part of everyday life.. (Its working, he squats better me at 5yrs)

Favourite NxT Nutrition Product and Why: TNT!!! The focus and energy it releases is no doubt the best I've had, after trying other brands and even making my own, I always go back to TNT.. Intra-workout or just throughout the day I love the Amino Fuel!

Favourite Body Part: Quads.! Absolutely love the burn of a great leg day.!

Favourite Prep Meal: Scrambled egg whites.!

Favourite Cheat Meal: Apache Pizza covered in jalape├▒os and garlic & herb dip

Awards/Trophies: Within my first 10 months of training, in 2018, I achieved 2nd in RIBBF Spring Classic, Bodyfitness. 3rd Place PCA, Athletic Figure with an invitational to the British Finals & 2nd Place Cork Bodybuilding Championship, Bodyfitness. Roll on 2019

How did you get into fitness and competing? I first started working out in February 2018 when my great friend, Debbie Long, won a long battle to try get me to give it a go and help battle my anxiety and depression and stop me from reverting back to my old ways of bulimia and isolation. She trained me and educated me for 6 months through tough HIIT sessions that I loved.! Then she sent me on my way and bought my first gym membership in the college gym during the summer so I wouldn't worry about people watching me as I learn the basics with those big scary machines and intimidating weights..

Then after travelling to Poland to watch the GPC powerlifting Europeans & seeing my best friend take home the gold, I knew I needed to try it.! That's when I fell in love with the bar and started to notice my body change rapidly.. I studied every exercise and movement I could and still do, I studied health and nutrition and read into every supplement and vitamin.. I wanted (and still want) to know it all.!

Then the day came where I was brave enough to face a big gym and went to see The Gym Monasterevin, where my life was changed when I met Julie & Glen and was introduced to my coach Declan Cleare and the entire gym family who continue to encourage, inspire & motivate me to be the best version of me.. I'm relatively new to this lifestyle and the bodybuilding sport but it has become my passion and has helped me improve my mindset more than I could ever have dreamed.. I love hearing people take something from my journey and feel encouraged to try it themselves and improve their mental health and feel great for it and that's why I'm determined to always push myself and continue to study and learn.

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