The Ill-Effects of Sleep Deprivation


In a fast-paced society, we are sleeping far less than our bodies have evolved to for optimal health and performance. Not only does this delay muscle building, halt fat loss, and scupper performance, it also has deleterious effects on our health.


Anxiety is through the roof; testosterone and hormones are awash, and quality of life is deteriorating. Something has to change.


5 Ways To Improve Sleep Quality


Sleep is as essential as effective training and nutritional principles, make no mistake about it.


Here are 5 straightforward steps you can implement to improve your quality of sleep from today.


  1. Mitigate electronics 30-60 minutes before bed: Switching off wi-fi, switching your phone to night mode to mitigate blue light, and refraining from excessive electromagnetic consumption before bed has been consistently shown in scientific studies to enhance sleep quality.

  2. Invest in your bedroom: blackout curtains, a really comfortable mattress, and an overall ‘cave-like’ feeling to where you sleep will improve REM sleep and leave you feeling more refreshed in the morning.

  3. Meditate daily: Just 5-10 minutes of meditation per night, using a guided app like Headspace, or simply focusing on your breathing, can greatly reduce anxiety and enhance sleep quality.

  4. Avoid heavy stimulant use: don’t drink too much coffee close to bedtime and avoid stimulant-laden pre-workout products.

  5. Use NXT Nuclear Shutdown: Mix the formula with 200ml of water 15-30 minutes before bed and sip it to reduce anxiety, stress, and improve REM sleep. You’ll wake up noticeably more refreshed and invigorated and progress faster with your training and physique goals.


Nuclear Shutdown’s Ingredients


Nuclear Shutdown’s blend of Zinc Magnesium, Ashwagandha extract, Valerian as well as Theanine, work to reduce anxiety, lower stress and improve restfulness.


The formula not only improves sleep quality, it also helps to facilitate new tissue building and repair, in addition to enhancing the overall quality of life.


Use 1 scoop prior to bed to enjoy its benefits in addition to implementing the other 4 steps in this article, and you’ll be reaping the benefits of improved sleep in no time.