#TeamNXT competitor Kellyanne Byrne shares an amazing killer leg workout for pre-exhausting your hamstrings, allowing you to focus on quad development.

Time to set the wheels in motion!

Team NXT Leg Day Workout 

Warm up:

☆ 5 mins on bike or cross trainer

☆ 3 x 12 Leg extensions with mini band

☆ 3 x 12 Clamshells with mini band

Time to push it! 

Use as many warm-up sets as you need to reach a comfortable weight for working sets.

☆Barbell Hip Thrusts:

3 x 8, rest for 20sec after the last set then go again to failure. 3-4 min rest between sets.

☆ Lying Leg curls:

3 x 15, rest for 20sec after each set and go to failure. Then 2-3 min rest between sets.

☆Barbell RDL:

3 x 8 working sets with 2-3 min rest between sets.

☆Hack Squat or Front Squat:

3 x 15, using low weight and only 30 sec rest between sets 

☆Back Squat or Wide stance leg press:

3 x 8 with 3-4 min rest between sets

☆Seated calf raise:

3 x 20 with 1-2 min rest between sets

☆Standing calf raise:

3 x 8 with 1-2 min rest between sets

This workout is planned to pre-exhaust your hamstrings before focusing on quads so you can target the quads better. Not many people isolate calves but I love to isolate them at the end of every leg day and know that I hit every muscle the best I can.

Give it a go & let us know how you find it 




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