Few key tips when it comes to building muscle:


  • Learn the basics and learn them well.

  • Muscle building takes time unless you are a genetic freak but most of us are not hence we need to be smart and have patience.

  • When it comes to building muscle form is key

  • There’s a difference between moving a weight and building a muscle. Get your form perfect with a weight you can fully control and get strong at the movement without sacrificing form

  • When your body gets close to failure it will always try recruit other muscles to make it easier - at this point we must lock in mentally and ensure form does not get compromised in return this will make the target muscle to reach true failure. Here is where we will build muscle!


The Importance of Progressive Overload


In my opinion, the best way to build muscle is progressive overload.

This means we must hit each muscle with new load each time we train that body part.

This can be by adding more weight, more reps or less rest time between sets. We aim to do this week in week out so we give our body no choice but to adapt and grow!

Here is a basic 3 day split which you can use as a base and tailor to your needs:

Push day:

Incline bench press- 2 warm-ups, 3 heavy working sets. minimum 8 reps per set.

Flat dumbell flys- 3 sets 12 reps, 4sec tempo

Flat barbell press- 2 heavy working sets to failure, deload set 15 reps

Dumbell side raises shoulders- 4 sets reps, each set heavier, 1 x 5x5 muscle round with 10sec rest between.

Shoulder press- 1 warm-up, 2 working sets failure, 1 deload 15reps

Triceps dips- 3 sets max reps

Tricep pushdowns- 2 sets heavy failure

Pull day:

Lat pull down- 2 warm-up sets, 4 working sets to failure.

Deadlifts from floor- 2 warm-ups 20reps, 1 set 60%, 2 working sets to failure, 1 deload set 15reps.

Barbell bent over rows- 3 sets 12-15reps heavy

T-bar rows- 2 sets heavy failure, 1 deload 15reps max squeeze.

Low pulley cable rows- 2 sets 15 reps max squeeze

Rear delt reverse flys- 4 sets 12 reps

Cable face pulls rear delts- 3 sets max reps

Shrugs- 3 sets 15 reps heavy as possible

Leg day

Leg extension- 2 x warm-up sets, 3 working sets squeeze at top

Front squat- 1 warm-up set, 1 set 60%, 2 all out working sets to failure, 1 deload 15 reps.

Single leg press- 1 set 20 reps each leg, muscle rounds 5x5 with no break in between each leg x 2 sets.

Hack squat- 4set negative 3 sets to failure max reps

Lunges- 1 set body weight 20reps per leg, 2 x weighted sets 20 reps per leg

Laying hamstring curl- 1 warm-up set, 3 working sets, 1 deload set 15 reps.

Seated hamstring curl- 2 sets heavy, max weight and failure.

Hamstring RDLs- 1 set warm-up, 3 working sets min 10 reps, all sets 4 sec reps negative and positive.

Seated calves- 100 reps medium weight, limit breaks to 5 sec

Standing calves- 100 reps medium weight, limit breaks to 5 sec, at end max stretch for 60secs.



So to conclude the above push, pull, legs when executed with progressive overload and high intensity will see some progress in building the physique you are after.. hope this helps!