Our facilities have always been renowned for being state-of-the-art and innovative, which explains why companies had so much trust in coming to us directly.


However, we seen an increasing amount of copycat formulas flooding the market, and after time it became apparent that there was zero innovation going on behind-the-scenes, with the focus purely on profits.


This left us disheartened at the standards by which others operated. We had to ask ourselves: do we continue or try to do something different?


And in 2013, NXT Nutrition was born.


We shifted our focus away from manufacturing other brands and towards recreating a sports nutrition company with its ethics in the right place.


Other the next few days, we’re going to give you 6 core values that make us the standout sports nutrition brand in a saturated market.


We’re also going to expose some dirty little secrets (without mentioning any names, of course, to protect us from litigation) that others have exploited in the market to deceive consumers....


Make sure you open tomorrow’s e-mail to find out the underlying reason WHY we are so much better than every other company.


We’ll be telling you what others do to dupe you as well, so you can avoid buying into poor business practices, even if you don’t purchase our products.


Welcome to the NXT Nutrition Elite Club - it’s great to have you on board.