Usually, their primary concern was ensuring a rock-bottom price per unit sold in order to compete with their competitor.


Now, there’s nothing necessarily wrong with this from a business standpoint - but it does tell you exactly where their priorities lie, first and foremost.


NXT Nutrition is different.


When we entered the game in 2013, we made a commitment to ONLY create products that had an edge on the competition.


That meant either:


  1. Upping the dosages of scientifically proven ingredients

  2. Formulating new, innovative combinations of ingredients in ethical dosages

  3. Discovering new raw ingredients on the market and delivering them directly to the consumer


To date, every single formula meets the previous criteria.


Our Beef Protein Isolate would be an obvious one: the world’s first, genuinely delicious beef protein supplement with zero carbs or fats.


Or how about our Evolution Protein Bars? Genuinely delicious AND full of goodness, not just cheap cocoa and sugars that are identical to chocolate bars.


All this benefits the consumer (you) who is are first priority.


It felt good to get that off our chest. Hopefully you too, now know a little bit more about the operations in the supplement industry, and how to identify quality supplements who put consumers before profits!


P.S - Check back tomorrow to learn the dirty little secrets regarding “traceability” that other companies don’t want you to know!