The truth is is that proprietary formulas are a way for companies to hide behind poorly dosed formulas with miniscule amounts of effective ingredients, and…. you guessed it…. increase their profitability on the product.


It is, once again, another case of marketing over effectiveness. A damn shame.


On all of NXT’s product, we clearly state on the label the exact amounts of each ingredient so the consumer is informed and aware of what they’re putting into their body.


We have NO need to hide behind a proprietary blend; if our competitors want to copy us, then so be it… we were there first, with the original formula, and there’s no reason for you to buy from somebody else trying to do a worse version of what we’ve already produced.


Always be cautious about getting duped by proprietary blends. They sound like an exciting concept, until you find out the reality of what they usually are about.


Next time we’re going to be telling you about the importance of dosages from our perspective, and why we’re raising the bar across the sports nutrition industry for others to follow.