TeamNXT's PUSH style workout.. Give it a try and let us know how you get on.

Ex1- Flat dumbell press
2 warm up sets 20 reps -tempo 2-1-2-1
2 working sets heavy- 8reps minimum - tempo 3-1-2-1
Ensure form is locked in and let the target muscle fail, do not lose form just for extra reps!! This is key..
1 deload set x 15reps - tempo 3-1-2-2

Ex2- Incline dumbell press
1 warm-up set 15 reps - tempo 2-1-2-1
3 working sets heavy- 8reps minimum - tempo 3-1-2-1
Again keep form locked in.. every rep as good as the first.

Ex3- Incline dumbell flys
3 sets 12 reps increase weight each time - Tempo 4-1-4-1
4 sec controlled reps should burn like mad!!! The slow reps help keep concentration on the target muscle.

Ex4- Shoulder press machine
1 warm up set 15reps -Tempo 2-1-2-1
2 working sets heavy 8 reps min - Tempo 2-1-2-1
After last set triple drop set and rep to failure..

Ex5- Dumbell side raises
4 sets 12reps each set increase weight if form allows.
2 sets partial side raises on the lower half of the range

Ex6- Tricep pushdowns - (Superset with close hand press ups max reps each set)
4sets every set heavier than last.. 8 reps min -Tempo 2-2-2-1 ( extra squeeze hard in at the bottom and hold )

Ex7- Tricep dip machine
4 sets each set heavier 8 reps min -Tempo 2-2-2-1
Triple dropset on last set to failure.

Push session complete #TeamNXT style