Time and time again, we have seen too many products say they include a ‘breakthrough’ ingredient… but contain such a miniscule amount that it would never have a positive effect on your performance.


Take beta-alanine, for instance.


Fantastic ingredient - proven to buffer lactic acid build-up in the muscles, and enhance your endurance / strength. But ONLY with a proven dosage (1.5-3 grams).


Take a look at most pre-workout products on the market, however, and you’ll notice dosages ranging from 200-500 mg per serving of BEST-SELLING products!


Honestly, what is the point?


When we formulated TNT Nuclear Shots, as an example, half a serving contained 1.5 grams of beta-alanine. We received incredible feedback on this, because people could not believe we could squash it into such a convenient, off-the-shelf formula, when powdered alternatives didn’t have half of that.


Our response is simple: if you can’t formulate a product with ethical dosages, then don’t make it at all or leave it to somebody who can.


NXT Nutrition is unique in this regard: we focus on the quality of the ingredients in our formulas, NOT the quantity of ingredients plastered onto the label.


Another of our core values that we’re able to pass on directly to you, the consumer. Check back tomorrow for one more special value that makes us unique.