Some laws allow a small deviance from what’s in the product compared to what’s stated on the label, but a lot of companies just flagrantly disregard them anyway and consider themselves ‘untouchable’ due to their prestigious reputations built solely on marketing.


We think this is absolutely wrong, and it’s why NXT Nutrition are committed to 100% traceability in all our products.


Shoot them off to an independent lab, and we guarantee what’s stated on the label is what you’re getting.


Our precision is only possible because we manufacture in-house, at our own facility and don’t have to skip costs to pass them on to the consumers.


Unfortunately, a lot of other companies don’t have this novelty, so they try tricks to minimise expenses but deceive the customers.


We will NEVER do that, because we have too much respect for what you’re trying to achieve and the money you hand over. It’s about mutual respect.


Rest assured, every NXT Nutrition product is 100% traceable and contains what’s stated on the label. The ingredients are ethically dosed, and you can third-party test them for peace of mind any day of the week.


Tomorrow, we’re going to reveal the truth about ‘proprietary blends’, why we’ll never use them, and why we believe you shouldn’t, either.


Speak then - and remember, always seek traceability as the cornerstone of quality supplements!