NXT’s Amino Fuel is designed to aid performance during your workouts by helping you to optimise performance and create that stimulus which will force the body to adapt and get stronger, fitter and faster depending on your specific goals.

Your performance defines your end product. That’s why NXT Nutrition’s Amino Fuel is so popular for intra-workout nutrition. Amino Fuel ticks all the boxes to allow you to optimize nutrients during strength & conditioning exercises.

While your body is breaking down muscle tissue it has a constant supply of nutrients which will be readily available from the amino fuel.

Amino Fuel’s intelligent blend of BCAA’s & glutamine are immediately digested and utilised to enhance recovery between sets and preserve muscle wastage, ensuring you can continue to prolong the intensity of each set in order to generate maximum results.

Amino Fuel is also stacked with beta-alanine. Beta alanine works by delaying the onset of fatigue & lactic acid build up again helping to optimize your sessions.

Amino fuel also includes added Citrulline Malate in the formula; this compound is well known for increasing blood flow and increasing overall muscular performance, hence it’s very popular in pre-workout supplements. Again, the aim here is to optimise performance in those critical sets & final reps.

Rounding out the formula is an electrolyte blend and some added Vitamin D, making Amino Fuel top of the the chain for BCAAs on the market today.

Amino Fuel is designed to optimise performance and aid recovery during training, whether it be running, weightlifting or crossfit. Amino fuel has its place in any competitive sport or for the general gym goer who has the budget available.

Is it essential - NO... will it optimise performance and recovery - YES, and for that reason alone it will always be part of my nutritional protocol.

Amino Fuel also comes in a variety of flavours, all of which taste great. #TeamNXT