Three of the most beneficial supplements for Athletes & any individual, but why do we need them?


BCAAs (Branch Chain Amino Acids)


BCAAs are a group of 3 essential amino acids:






Although a high protein diet can ensure sufficient levels of BCAA's, these 3 amino acids are not naturally produced in the human body and need to be introduced through your diet.


Daily requirements may actually be as high as 65 mg/lb (144 mg/kg) of body weight per day and using a supplement can ensure these levels are reached especially for athletes.


These 3 essential amino acids are mostly broke down in muscle and not the liver like other amino acids and can represent 14-18% of those found in muscle.


As a result of this, it has been found that they can play an important role in energy production during exercise with studies showing an ability to train & exercise 17% longer than without the BCAA supplement.


BCAA's play several other roles in the human body such as:


• Lowering blood sugar levels

• Improving liver function

• Enhance weight loss

• Reduce water retention

• Increase muscle mass


BCAAs are known to stimulate muscle protein synthesis, potentially more than a normal protein on its own.


Protein synthesis is the metabolic process when your body new muscle protein, also known as gains!




Another essential amino acid that anyone can benefit from supplementing is Glutamine, the most abundant free amino acid in the body.

Over 61% of skeletal muscle is Glutamine and as it consists of 19% nitrogen it is the primary transporter of nitrogen to muscle cells.


Glutamine is also thought to help:


• Gut function

• The immune system

• Heal all tissue cells in the body

• Promote muscle growth & recovery

• Reduce sugar cravings

• Weight management


...and many other essential processes in the body, especially in times of stress.


Glutamine's anti-catabolism ability prevents the breakdown of your muscles making it a great aid for anyone cutting down or that struggles to maintain muscle as it promotes a positive nitrogen balance and preventing the loss of muscle.


For bodybuilders and athletes, this is important since heavy workouts tend to greatly deplete Glutamine levels.


The benefits of supplementing Glutamine are endless for anyone, especially athletes or individuals with low immune systems or difficulty maintaining muscle mass.


Vitamin D


The sunshine vitamin, Vitamin D, helps us absorb calcium which affects bone development and growth, nerve signaling, immune function, blood pressure, and even muscle strength and mass, especially as we get older.


Unfortunately, most of us don't get enough vitamin D on a daily basis, with a reported one billion people worldwide having a deficiency especially in countries with less exposure to the sun.


Recent studies have reported that over 70 percent of men ages 20-29 had some level of vitamin D deficiency, it is relatively common in athletes and has been associated with muscle weakness and atrophy.


Vitamin D intake is recommended at 400–800 IU/day, or 10–20 micrograms. However, some studies suggest that a higher daily intake of 1000–4000 IU (25–100 micrograms) is needed to maintain optimal blood levels.



BCAAs, Glutamine & Vitamin D have endless benefits for anyone and while they can be consumed through diet & sunlight it is very difficult to ensure optimal levels are reached on a daily basis without supplementation, especially in the UK & Ireland.


NXT Nutrition has made that easier with 1 tub holding the benefits of 3!


A powerful combination of 5 grams BCAAs, 5 grams of Glutamine, and 1000IU of Vitamin D3 per serving.


NXT Nutrition’s BCAA, Glutamine & D3 matrix is the perfect way to not only fuel muscle building, performance and recovery, it also bridges the gap between optimal health and should be a staple for all hard training athletes and gym goers alike.