Lactose intolerance is a common digestive problem where the body is unable to digest lactose, a type of sugar mainly found in milk and dairy products. Symptoms of lactose intolerance usually develop within a few hours of consuming food or drink that contains lactose. They may include: Stomach cramps, diarrhoea, stomach gas & stomach bloat - none of which are pleasant.


In the fitness industry, where high protein diets are very popular for recovery and overall body composition, people with lactose intolerance will have to be careful on their protein sources. This does not mean they cannot reach their protein intake goals. Some dairy-free protein sources, for example, are fish, nuts, eggs, chicken & turkey.


For the gym fanatics, whether it be an average gym goer to crossfitter and bodybuilders, whey protein has been used for years as a quick and effective way of getting a good quality protein source into the system for optimal recovery and performance. For anyone who is lactose intolerant, however, this is a big no go.


BUT, this doesn’t mean there are no alternatives. NXT have created a high quality Beef Protein Isolate which is dairy free and suitable for anyone who is lactose intolerant.


NXTs Beef Protein Isolate provides 27g of high quality protein per serving which has a high amino acid profile that can hold its own with any whey protein supplement. Also, another huge benefit to Beef Protein Isolate is the 0g sugar and 0g fat content. This makes it a huge contender to be the most popular protein supplement on the market.


To sum it up: NXTs beef iso is an easy way to reach daily protein requirements for the general population. Dairy-free, gluten-free and keto friendly. What more can you ask for?


Oh... and it tastes delicious!