A note from our MD & founder, Eamonn Manning:

“I’m going to be honest with you on this one. When we decided to create NXT, I wasn’t too familiar with the marketing necessary to push the products. Our background was in manufacturing quality sports nutrition supplements that are ethical and innovative - NOT high-resolution graphic design, marketing funnels and magazine advertorials.

After consulting with numerous marketing ‘experts’ in the industry, the advice we received over-and-over again in regards to pushing the products in the initial stages was to use superimposed images in Photoshop. We steadfastly refused to do this as we believed it would compromise our integrity towards our customers.

If we went down this route in the beginning, perhaps NXT Nutrition would have grown a lot faster. However, I’m not sure we would have sustained this growth and reputation for quality and honesty, since a lot of the brands I’ve observed using these techniques quickly fade out once they’ve conned customers. I’m glad we avoided this practice and took the longer route.”

There’s not much left to explain with this one, but if you want to see how photoshop is often used to enhance before & after photos, take a look at these photos taken on the same day in this article!