Carbohydrates are the most misunderstood nutrient in the fitness industry. Today, #TeamNXT’s Brian Ward sheds light on how to use them intelligently to maximise your performance.

Let’s talk carbs: some people in fact many people in the fitness industry are lead to believe carbs are the enemy, they will make you fat, etc.

Carbs are in fact GOOD for you; they are your body’s main source of energy which fuels your brain, muscles, heart & central nervous system. Body composition and fat levels come down to overall calories, not just carbs so please do not avoid carbs especially if performance needs to be optimal.

Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin (HBCD)

Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin (HBCD) is a carbohydrate source that is relatively new to sports nutrition. It is produced through the breakdown of starch branching enzymes are then used to form the Cyclic Dextrin into longer chains.

HBCD has a relatively high molecular weight and low osmolarity which in simple terms means it speeds up gastric emptying (how fast it will leave the stomach). This means that the solution of HBCD will spend less time in your stomach compared to some older traditional types of carbohydrates and will therefore reduce discomfort when ingested during exercise (sloshing around in the stomach).

This makes HBCD perfect for Intra-Workout and post-workout nutrition. During your workout, the last thing you want is a rush of blood into your stomach to try and digest carbohydrates. We want the blood to stay in our muscles were its needed for optimal performance & endurance.

The increased rate of gastric emptying will mean it reaches the small intestine faster, enabling absorption into the bloodstream to begin.

Another bonus of HBCD is that it provides a sustained release of energy, unlike traditional carbohydrate sources such as dextrose which cause a sudden spike in blood sugar and a large insulin response.

HBCD is absorbed more gradually and ensures that there is a continued uptake into the bloodstream - this can help to keep you training harder for longer and also if stacked with aminos and EAAs it will provide a constant supply of nutrients to the working muscles for increased recovery, performance & endurance.

NXT Nutritions Nuclear Glyco Pwr provides 27g of high quality HBCD & also has a blend of electrolytes for added hydration and reduce muscle fatigue.


If you’re looking to optimise your workouts and speed up recovery then adding NXT's Nuclear Glyco Pwr to your intra-workout or post-workout nutrition would be very beneficial. If weight loss is your goal you can still structure your diet to allow for intra & post workout carbs which is the ideal time when your body is primed to replenish its glycogen stores! #TeamNXT

Brian Ward