A lot of people are currently going on holidays looking to shape things up for the summer weather or looking to just drop some unwanted body fat. Here are a few tips to drop some body fat whilst keeping performance high in the gym.



Be aware of your Macros and the roles they play within the body. 


You have 3 main Macros: Protein, carbs and fats. 


There is no bad macro, they all serve a purpose and can help you reach your goals if used correctly. 


Protein is used by the body for recovery when setting up a diet phase protein should remain consistent; there are scenarios where we would increase protein a little etc but that's a different topic. 


Carbohydrates are a fuel source which is used by the body as an energy source.


Fats are also fuel used by the body but also play a roll in the regulation of hormones so it's important to always keep some levels of fats in your diet. 


A simple rule of thumb is to keep protein consistent throughout the diet phase and slowly chip away at the carbs and fats to create the calorie deficit required for fat loss.


Calorie Deficit


To lose fat we must be in a calorie deficit. To do this accurately we must find our maintenance calories which allow us to maintain the same weight each week. 


When we find our maintenance calories we simply lower our calorie intake by for example 300kcals per day. Over the course of a week, this is 2100kcals in a deficit which will begin the fat loss process.


Daily Output


Losing body fat comes down to calories in vs calories out. 


So if we start to have more output each day, for example, adding 30mins cardio to our daily routine then we will create a bigger deficit when it comes to fat loss. 


Tracking output is key when in a fat loss phase. As calories get lower it's very easy to get lazy and sit about more. In return, you’re slowing down the fat loss as you have reduced calories but also reduced output. Therefore no deficit was created, so keep a close eye on output and more importantly, keep output high.


Weight training


When entering a diet phase a lot of people think that higher reps and lighter weights will get them leaner quicker. The truth is you will lose muscle with this approach. You must train just as hard and heavy during a diet phase, in return, you will hold all your muscle mass and burn more calories in the process.




Any fat loss regime can be sped up with the use of a good quality fat burner. 


NXTs nuclear burn fat burner is proven to increase metabolic rate, reduce hunger cravings and increase energy levels. This combination can amplify your fat burning goals and give you the edge to achieve the physique your after.




To conclude, fat loss is a very simple process, with the correct approach and supplementation you will achieve your goals