The festive season is quickly approaching. Christmas nights out and family gatherings will be on the calendar. So how do we stay on track of our fitness goals during this season?

This all depends on the goal for the individual. Only common factor at Xmas time is food and loads of it!

Which in my opinion isn't the worst thing I could think of as we all love our food! But when we have specific goals in mind this can cause issues. Alcohol is another factor which is the festive season can also get abused. Again for our fitness goals, this can set us way off track.

For the people who are in offseason and are currently in a calorie surplus (eating more calories than they burn) Xmas time can be a great time to get some additional calories in and enjoy some nice food guilt free.

This means eating meals with the family and not eating out of Tupperware as us athletes mostly do.

A few days off your plan will not hinder any progress. In fact, I can only see this downtime lowering stress levels and with some nice enjoyable food and calories added in the mix, your body will likely thank you for it.

This is the perfect opportunity to get some great training sessions in and put the calories to good use. Drinking alcohol and socializing for a few nights out is also fine but I do recommend not to go overboard. Binge drinking or having excess alcohol will set any athlete back no matter if you’re in offseason or dieting. It will take ur body days to come back to a normal anabolic state were ur in the position to use nutrients effectively again. This we need/want to avoid so please be sensible.

For the people who are running into Xmas dieting for a goal, it can be a little more tricky but just requires a bit of planning ahead.

In this case, I do recommend alcohol be kept to a minimum or at least be smart with your alcohol choices. For example, a drinking pint of beer VS a gin & tonic. For all the dieters, the gin & tonic is the best choice here with a lot fewer calories.

The key here to minimise damage is calorie control. For example if you know you’re going on a night out and you will have a few drinks, take a look at your diet for that day and lower the calories for each meal so come the end of the day you have freed up some extra calories for your night out which will in return cause less damage than if you made no changes and just went with the flow.

Be smart with your choices for food and drinks and you can enjoy the festive period like everyone else. Cardio is another tool which can b added to allow for some extra calories. This means again you can have some extra food with the family or have that nice dessert which everyone is having with some damage control in place to ensure minimal damage.


The key over the festive period is to remain stress-free & manage your calories, make some smart decisions and plan ahead. This way all us gym lovers and fitness fanatics can also enjoy Xmas like everyone else!

I do also recommend a few days off away from the gym and spend some quality time with your friends & family.

A stress-free & relaxed body will work 10 times better than a tired and stressed one. So look after yourself, have some downtime, enjoy some good food and have a great Xmas!! Hope this helps a little.