Ever wondered whether your product actually meets its labels claims? Probably not. After all, why would you? You handed good money over for that product - they’re not just going to take advantage of you and dupe you, are they?

Unfortunately, some companies exploit consumers. Scrap that: a LOT of companies exploit consumers.

And while American companies are notorious for massive deviations in label claims (read this shocking report on independent testing of the biggest brands), UK & Irish companies aren’t immune to failure, too.

This begs the question: how do you ensure the company meets its label claims?

It is very difficult to know this. Even if a company claims 3rd party testing on one of its key formulas, the reality is that they may bypass other, more profitable products without following this process. Until products are bulk tested by independent laboratories (as the protein supplements were in the referenced article above), a lot of supplements will remain shrouded in mystery.

However, there is one thing you can definitely do to analyse quality to a certain degree.

And it’s often surprisingly very simple!

Look for the FIRST ingredient that comes up on the label panel. By law, the company MUST state the ingredient with the highest dosage within the formula.

As an example: if you were buying a “whey concentrate” formula, then you’d expect this to be the first ingredient on the panel. Here’s our Pure Whey label, as an example:

This is one way to mitigate false label claims, although it’s not always effective as some companies still find ways to manipulate the rules. When this happens, look for products that are manufactured in-house and have batch numbers attached to them that can be traced directly back (such as NXT’s), as a reference to quality. After that, you’ll want to examine certification labels like these: