With the new year upon us, the influx of new year resolutions in the fitness industry is hectic and everyone is looking to get in shape after overindulging and binging over the festive period.

Here are a few fundamental tips which may help you achieve your goals and stop you from crashing out after a few weeks!


This is the most important factor before starting any new endeavour.

Whether it’s work related or fitness related, mindset is key to success.

Make sure before you start training in the new year ur mind is ready to work and work hard, getting into shape is not easy and requires a lot of hard work.

Some people think they will turn up at the gym and do a few exercises and go home, it then becomes quickly apparent that it's not that simple & they quit.

My advice is to set small goals, be willing to work hard for them goals and success will come.

Being strong mentally is key to success.

Training Plan

Once you have a goal set in stone it always helps to make a plan of how you are going to achieve it.

Map out exactly how you will train every week to get your goals.

Without a plan, it's like driving to a new location without a GPS or a Map; you might get there eventually but it will take you a lot longer.

If you are unsure of a training plan to suit your goals always ask for help. Gyms nowadays have plenty of knowledgeable people who are mostly willing to help.


This one I find is one of the most important factors for progressing and achieving fitness goals.

Getting in shape can be very repetitive, doing the same routines week in week out.

As I said, getting results takes time, and if you’re consistent with your training day in day out, week in week out, you will see great results.

The people who train for a few weeks then maybe take a week or 2 off, then they are back for another few weeks are the people who you will see look the same year in year out and never progress.

I’ve been in gyms for years now and I see guys who haven't changed shape in 5 years - one thing they lack is consistency.

So, make the most of your time, and if you’re willing to work, please be consistent... your body will thank you.


Building muscle, losing fat or general fitness all takes time. A lot more time than most people can imagine.

Give yourself time and don't expect miracles straight away.

Again keep working and the small steps you are making forward in progression over time you will have come a long long way. However, if you’re inpatient, the likelihood is your back where you started and gave up.

Stay patient and the results will come.


From beginners to advanced trainers, recovery is key for your body to make positive changes.

If your training is on point but your body can’t recover on time then progress will be slow. Be smart and listen to your body.

Form & Intensity

For best results in the gym, I believe form has to be paramount. Find out how to do the exercises correctly and then try to get strong at the exercise. This will yield a lot more gains in a shorter time frame.

When you go to the gym, you must go to work hard, as your body will only change if it's forced to.
By pushing your limits in the gym your body is forced to adapt therefore you progress towards your goals.


To conclude, If you’re looking to make some progress in 2019 implement these 6 tips and I can guarantee you will get some nice results!

Happy New Year from Team NXT