Exercise 1-

Wide grip pull ups -

3 sets max reps with 1 sec pause at the bottom and exaggerate the stretch. I usually try to keep the tempo here as follows:
2-1-3-1 which is basically 2 seconds on the way up controlled but explosive, pause for 1 second squeezing the lats hard followed with a slow 3 sec negative into a full stretch with 1 sec pause then repeat.

Exercise 2-

Barbell bent over rows-

The key here is to keep form and ensure connection with the back muscles, I see it time and time again ppl throwing huge weights around on this exercise and little to no back development. Strip the weight right back, nail ur form and then push to get strong with the new form!! This is key!

2 warmup sets 15-20reps,
2 working sets 8reps/failure (heavy make it count)
1 x deload set 20reps.
Tempo here again reps are controlled so 2-1-2-1

Exercise 3-

Single Arm dumbbell row

3 sets muscle rounds 6x4reps each arm no stopping
1 min rest then complete 2nd/3rd muscle round.
For this exercise pick a weight which you can get a good solid controlled 10reps so say 75% of your max.

The idea here is 4 reps on right side, straight swap to left 4reps.. repeat for 6 sets and that's 1 muscle round complete.. 3 muscle rounds later you will be pumped!!!!

Exercise 4-

Low pulley rows-

I love this exercise for thickness and overall back development, it allows you to exaggerate the stretch position and really squeeze the middle/lower back so hard in the contracted position.. great tool when executed correctly!

3 sets 10-12 reps pyramid up in weight, exaggerate the squeeze for 1sec every rep.
1 set muscle round 5x5 with 10sec between sets.

Exercise 5-

Rack pulls

2 working sets heavy 8-10reps.. 2nd set to failure with triple drop set to finish.. leave nothing behind in this set. I like to add some rack pulls in at the end when all my other back work is complete.. this ensures I'm well warmed up but also I can leave absolutely nothing in the tank.. great finisher and great for building overall thickness to your physique.

Attack every working set like it's your last set.. this is the mindset required to force adaptation.. do not conserve energy in the early stages of the workout to make sure u make it to the end.. Take one set at a time and kill it. Let me know how you get on.

Brian Ward

Brian Ward